How to Prevent Cavities for Overall Oral Health

Tooth decay, the most common oral disease among people, is what causes cavities. Tooth decay happens when the tooth enamel is destroyed. Often this is caused by plaque, a bacteria which constantly forms on your teeth whenever you eat or drink. Not all tooth decay is the same of course and so it can be classified into two categories.

There are two types of cavities; pit and fissure cavities, and smooth surface cavities. Pit and fissure cavities are most commonly found on the molars, premolars, and front anterior teeth. These are often treated with sealants which make it less likely that fillings will be needed. Smooth surface cavities are found along the gum line or where two teeth meet. The cavities occur when plaque builds up on the surface of teeth and is left there to harden. If you want to avoid having cavities, here are 3 ways in which you can prevent them.

Toothbrush and Dental Floss

Doesn’t it seem so repetitive saying to get a good toothbrush and floss your teeth? Having a quality toothbrush means having strong bristles and proper angulation to remove any food that may be left on your teeth. If you are unsure of what toothbrush would be best to get, consult with your dentist and they can recommend a product based on your specific needs. Flossing can also prevent cavities because it can remove plaque from in between the teeth which brushing alone may not be able to do. Just avoid flossing too hard because it could make your gums bleed which may cause more problems down the road.

Fluoride Toothpaste

It isn’t just about the toothbrush- it’s about the toothpaste as well. Using a toothpaste which contains fluoride is one of the best ways to help prevent cavities. Fluoride creates a protective coating over your tooth that neutralizes the acid from cavity-causing plaque. Get recommendations from your east fishkill dentist as different fluoride toothpastes are meant for different dental problems whether its strengthening or whitening your teeth.

Fluoride Varnish

When you go to the dentist poughkeepsie for your routine cleaning (which it is very important to make and maintain those appointments) your hygienist can apply fluoride varnish at the conclusion of your cleaning. The varnish contains concentrated fluoride which is left to sit for an hour making the fluoride part of the enamel and exposed roots, preventing any acid damage. It also helps reduce tooth sensitivity and can even reverse cavities which may be forming by strengthening the enamel layer and re-mineralizing the surface of your teeth.

While cavities are highly common, it is not entirely impossible to go through life without ever having a single cavity; all it takes is consistent dental visits, good oral hygiene and overall a healthy lifestyle. While eating acidic foods and smoking can be just as harmful to your teeth, not maintaining proper oral hygiene can be just as damaging. Tooth enamel is highly valuable and important, but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. That’s why it is so important to preserve it while you can because it cannot be replaced.

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