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    Afraid of the Dentist? How to Put Your Worries at Ease

    For more than 20 years, Dr Scott Kupetz and his team have been making his patients in the Dutchess County, NY area smile with their high-quality dental services and their caring approach to dentistry. From checkups to teeth whitening, and from dental implants to teeth straightening with Invisalign, no matter what type of dental service you require, Dr Scott Kupetz will give you a smile that you will be proud to show off. His practice is a certified sedation dentistry facility, too! Find out for yourself why so many people entrust their oral health to Dr Scott Kupetz and his incredible team.

    It’s no secret that your dental health is extremely important to your overall health and well-being. But, despite the fact that you know how crucial regular dental checkups are, like millions of Americans, you might be putting off taking care of your teeth because the very thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair and having your teeth examined and cleaned makes you tremble with fear.

    Dental phobia is a real thing, and it’s pretty common. In fact, it’s estimated that as many as 15% of Americans don’t get the dental care they need because they are afraid of the dentist.

    Don’t let your fear of the dentist jeopardize your health! There are ways that you can overcome your phobia, and below, we’ll share some tips that can help to put your mind at ease so you can get the dental care you need.

    Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

    The best way to overcome anything that you’re afraid of is by actually facing it; but, that’s easier said than done when your fears nearly cripple you. If the idea of going to the dentist makes you feel panicked, take comfort in knowing that there are ways that you can ease your worries. Here are a few tips that can help:

    • Find a reputable dentist. First, it’s important to make sure that you find a highly reputable dentist; one who has ample experience and a solid reputation. Do some research: ask people you know if they can recommend a practice; research and read reviews. Don’t be afraid to ask prospective dentists about their process and the services they offer; for example, you might want to consider a practice that offers sedation dentistry, a service that can help to make your exams less worrisome and more comfortable.
    • Let your fears be known. Once you find a practice that you feel comfortable with, come right out and let them know about your dental phobia. Consider making an appointment to specifically discuss your fears before you have an exam. A reputable dentist will be happy to speak to you and discuss options that may help you feel less afraid. A tour of the facility before your actual examination and a thorough explanation of what your exam will actually entail can do wonders for setting your mind at ease. If the practice offers sedation dentistry, find out if it is an option that may be an option for you. With sedation dentistry, you would be sleeping throughout your appointment, and by the time you wake up, your teeth will be cleaned and cared for, and you’ll have avoided all of your anxiety.
    • Bring music. Believe it or not, something as simple as listening to music during your appointment can make you feel a lot calmer. Prior to your exam, put together a collection of your favorite songs. When you sit in the chair, pop on your headphones and press play. Not only can music be incredibly calming, but it can also help to dull the sound of any noises that might make you feel anxious. Plus, when you’re listening to tunes, you’ll focus less on what’s happening in your mouth and more on the lyrics, rhythms, and beats of your favorite songs.
    • Don’t rush it. Taking things slowly can also help to make you feel more at ease. For instance, before your appointment, ask if you can have a few minutes to get comfortable in the chair and find out if your hygienist and doctor will be willing to fully explain everything that’s going to happen before it actually happens. Taking your time and knowing what to expect may make you feel a lot more comfortable.

    Put Your Dental Phobia to Rest with Scott Kupetz, DMD

    Putting off going to the dentist because you’re afraid isn’t the solution to dental phobia; doing so will only make matters worse in the long run. Dr Kupetz, DMD can help to put your fears at ease! He and his highly trained and experienced staff will ensure you are as comfortable as possible throughout your entire appointment. As a certified sedation dentistry facility, board-certified anesthesiologists are available, too. To learn more about their services or to schedule an appointment, call 845-372-5975 today!