Ways to Deal with Braces Pain

Braces can be painful, especially if you just got them put on or they just got tightened. They can be agonizing and downright uncomfortable. It’s important to remember that this pain is normal and temporary and that it’s a small price to pay for a beautiful and straight smile. When wires are tightened or bent in a different way, it can cause extreme discomfort on your teeth and your gums. Dealing with this pain every day can become irritating but there are ways to help reduce and relieve some of this pain.

Here are some tips on ways to reduce the pain from your braces:

Use the Cold

Just like with any other injury or pain, an ice pack will work wonders. In addition to using an ice pack, try to eat colder foods such as ice cream and other cold foods and drinks. The coldness will help to reduce swelling and inflammation of the gums that can cause discomfort and pain in your mouth.

Eat Soft Foods

After your braces are tightened or adjusted, your gums with be extremely sore and swollen. The worst thing to do for that pain is to eat hard or crunchy foods that will only further irritate the teeth, gums and mouth. Soft foods will be much easier to eat and chew.

Utilize Over the Counter Pain Medicine

Being proactive for braces pain is key. If you know that your braces are going to be tightened or adjusted at your check up, taking some pain relief medication beforehand can be helpful. It’s important to talk to your doctor or dentist about the proper dosage to take. This should really be a last resort option as it’s not a good idea to take pain medication too often.  

Use an Oral Anesthetic

Oral anesthetics can be purchased in just about every drug store. Using these will help numb some of the pain that you are having in your mouth. These gels will help numb the pain in specific areas of your mouth and although they don’t taste the best, they will relieve much of the pain you’re experiencing from your shifting teeth and irritated gums. If you are unsure of what kind to use, consult with your dentist for the best oral anesthetic.

Orthodontic Wax

Sometimes when braces are adjusted, wires are left exposed and can cause pain to the inside of your mouth and tongue. The wax can be applied to the wire that is causing the damage inside your mouth to smooth it and cause less irritation. There’s nothing worse than feeling a metal wire poking into your cheek all day.

If the pain in your mouth persists even after trying these solutions, you may want to consult with your dentist for another resolution. Inflamed, sore, swollen and irritated gums are not good and if the pain continues it can affect your overall oral health. Your dentist will best be able to propose a solution for the pain.

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