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    Because fear shouldn't stop you from being beautiful

    • Denise Marinaccio Avatar

      What a great experience visiting Dr. Kupetz's (Dr. Scott) dental office.
      He is a very personable, positive, and kind doctor. His work is perfection! I have had, fillings, root canals and veneers. I do receive many compliments in reference to my smile. Thanks Dr. Scott!
      His office is warm and inviting and just love the support staff. I couldn't ask for a better dentist or office to have all my dental needs met.

      Denise Marinaccio 11/01/2019
    • Holly Mckeown Avatar

      Finding a good dentist you like and can trust has been difficult for me and I was lucky enough find Dr. Scott recently. His staff is wonderful! They are all friendly, extremely professional and very thorough when explaining the treatment plan. I’ve already recommended him to several friends!

      Holly Mckeown 11/01/2019
    • Sheldon Cohen Avatar

      My family have been going to Dr. Scott For over 20 years. My wife has needed extensive work. He has always been extremely patient and expert in taking care of us. My wife;s teeth are now excellent. He is a perfectionist (so don't always expect a quick visit if that is all you want) and will send back items to the lab if he does not think the color is right. We have never had any adverse reactions to any of the work he has done including root canals. If necessary he will make special hours to take care of a problem. Donna, the Dental Hygienist is amazing, and Dawn, the office manager is great at arranging appointments totally knowledgeable about insurance. In total, they treat us like family.

      Sheldon Cohen 11/01/2019
    • Lisa McGee Avatar

      Dr. Kupetz is great. He explains what he is doing and always makes sure that you are comfortable. Donna and Dawn who make your experience even better!

      Lisa McGee 11/01/2019
    • Irene Salib Avatar

      I had been in so much pain and of course it was Sunday and everyone was closed, great! I Google searched dentists open on Sunday and called Dr Kupetz answering service. Thr woman paged him and he had gotten back to me within minutes! Score #1! Also important to mention I have never been here before and was not referred so he had no idea who I was! He was at a seminar and came back up to the area as soon as possible on the chance that I may need a root canal, really? Score #2. Now I hate going to the dentist it always hurts even though they say "don't worry about it, it'll kick in soon and you won't feel a thing" as they're already inside my mouth drilling away, such liars I always feel everything! Not with Dr Kupetz tho, he was great, I didn't feel a thing! Score #3. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting the staff since it was an emergency procedure but how could such an amazing, kind and genuine Dr/person have a less than stellar staff to work with. I would definitely recommend Dr Kupetz!!

      Irene Salib 11/01/2019
    • Andrew McKeown Avatar

      Dr. Kupetz is an absolute amazing dentist and the service is phenomenal. Every employee there especially Dr. Kupetz himself are so nice and so good at their jobs. He did a great job on one of my fillings and if anyone has a cavity and is need of a filling Dr. Scott Kupetz in Wappingers Falls, New York is the place to go!

      Andrew McKeown 11/01/2019
    • Andrea Cohen Avatar

      My family has been going to Dr. Kupetz for over 20 years. I've never had a bad experience with him. He has consistently gone above and beyond and has been an amazing dentist. I recently had to have root canal surgery and he he came in on a Sunday all the way from New Jersey during a snow storm to fit me in. He consistently provides top notch quality service. Donna, my Dental Hygienist for the last 17 years, is incredible. She always makes me feel comfortable and we've developed a close relationship over the years. Dawn, the office manager is great at fitting us in (despite my family's crazy schedule) and is really helpful when it comes to our insurance. I would highly recommend them, because even though I no longer live in the area, I still come up from NYC to have Dr. Kupetz as my dentist.

      Andrea Cohen 11/01/2019
    • Melissa Tomaszewski Avatar

      I was having a really bad tooth ache. I hadn’t been to the dentist in about five or six years and was terrified! Everyone was so nice and non judge mental! I would deff recommend!!

      Melissa Tomaszewski 11/01/2019

    Dentist In Garrison Landing

    5 Key Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a New Dentist Near You in Putnam County

    Are you searching for a new general dentist, cosmetic dentist, or emergency dentist in Garrison Landing, NY? If so, look no further than Scott Kupetz, DMD. Since 1988, Dr. Kupetz has been providing the Putnam County community with premium-quality dental care. Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening, dental implants, or teeth straightening, you want to familiarize yourself with an emergency dentist near you, or you simply need a new dentist for your regular screenings and cleanings, you can count on Scott Kupetz and his entire team to meet all of your needs. With our compassionate care and comfortable accommodations, when you choose us as your dentist, you can be sure you’ll have something to smile about.

    Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Dentist Near You in Garrison Landing, NY

    When you’re looking for a new dental health professional, the Internet can be a valuable resource. A quick search for “dentist office near me” will certainly direct you to a lot of different providers that service the Putnam County community. However, when it comes to finding a dentist, you don’t want to just settle for the first name that you find; you want to be sure you choose someone who will best meet your needs and who will make you feel comfortable – especially if you’re a little bit anxious about going to the dentist. 

    How can you ensure that you’re choosing the right provider? By scheduling consultations with a few different dentists in the area and asking some key questions. Here’s a look at five questions you’ll want to ask before you decide on a new dentist near you in Garrison Landing, NY.

    What is your area of expertise?

    Some dentists specialize in treating certain conditions or provide specific treatments, such as orthodontics, implants, and general dentistry, while others are experienced in a variety of areas. Look for a Putnam County dentist that specializes in the specific services that you require. For example, if you’re interested in dental implants, make sure that the dental health professional you choose not only performs this service but also has vast experience and a proven track record of success in this particular area of cosmetic dentistry. 

    Do you have references that I can contact?

    A lot of Garrison Landing, NY dentists publish testimonials right on their websites. While those testimonials can give you a good idea about the type of services the dental professional provides, it’s a good idea to ask for references that you can contact directly. Before you choose a new dentist’s office near you, ask for the names and contact information of past patients or other healthcare professionals. Be sure to follow up and contact each reference. If a provider can’t furnish references, consider that a warning sign and continue your search. Any reputable Putnam County dentist will not only have references, but they’ll encourage you to contact them.

    I’m a bit anxious about dental exams and treatments. Can you tell me how you’ll ensure I will be comfortable?

    If you’re scared of going to the dentist, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. It’s estimated that approximately 60% of adults have some degree of “dental phobia”. Whether you’re slightly nervous or you experience severe anxiety, it’s a good idea to ask how your new dentist will reassure you. From taking you on a tour of the exam room and offering calming music or other distractions while you’re being treated to sedation dentistry, a good Garrison Landing, NY dental health provider will be able to set your mind at ease and calm your fears so that you can feel comfortable receiving the treatment you need.

    Do you accept my insurance or offer payment plans?

    You should figure out payment details before you schedule an appointment. The last thing you want to do is find out that you’re going to be hit with a big bill after your service has been rendered. If you have dental insurance, don’t just assume that every practice will accept it or that your policy will cover your treatment. Find out if your new provider does, in fact, accept your plan, and if so, if the specific service you’ll be receiving will be covered. If your insurance isn’t accepted or your policy doesn’t include the treatment you need, inquire about a payment plan. A reputable Putnam County dental office – such as Scott Kupetz, DMD – will be willing to work with you to ensure that you can receive quality treatment for a price that you can afford.

    What are your office hours?

    Even the most well-respected Garrison Landing, NY dentist won’t do you much good if his or her office hours don’t coincide with your scheduling needs. Be sure to find out about their hours of the operation beforehand, how far in advance you will be able to make appointments so you can plan accordingly, and if the provider offers emergency services in the event that you end up facing a dental emergency that requires prompt treatment.

    Looking for a New Dental Office Near You in Putnam County?

    If you’re looking for a “new dentist near me” in Garrison Landing, NY, make sure to include Scott Kupetz, DMD on your list of dental healthcare professionals to contact. Offering a wide range of services and more than 30 years of experience, we’re regarded as Putnam County’s premier dental office. To learn more about our practice or to schedule an in-person consultation with Dr. Kupetz, visit or give us a call at 845-372-5975 and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

    When you choose the team at Scott Kupetz, DMD for your dental health needs, you can be sure that you’ll have a lot to smile about.